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I searched for the best online business for retirees. I found the best platform for learning how to create your own business online whatever your age!

Our investment mistakes over 50 cannot be overlooked
Pull up your socks; there is no time to waste.

Here Was My Business Thinking…

I joined the best online business for retirees
Hi, I’m Corinne and I changed
my life when I joined
Wealthy Affiliate!

This was like a tournament!

I was trying to duck under the radar and just slide into retirement. Unnoticed!

No muss,.. no fuss!

I almost made it, until I looked at the restrictions around me, as in, “can I afford this when I retire?”

So far, this was NOT a good business plan.

Here’s The Retirement Scene:

guy pays HOA fees too
Can I afford to live to be 100?

I live in a nice place, and HOA fees are going up;
but aren’t they going up everywhere?

In ten years will I be able to afford this great location,
close to shopping and downtown?

What if I live to be 100 – don’t laugh… I am very well.
Longevity runs in my family.
I can’t afford to live to be 100 with inflation going up the way it is.

I Needed A Second Income!

My Intention Was To Find The Best Online Business For Retirees!


If you are 50ish (you’re still an infant), have you thought about life after retirement?
I know that I didn’t. At 50 I could not see myself at age 65, or, heaven forbid,.. older!

Remember how badly you wanted to be a teenager?
No… no going back.
Onward and upward is especially true for time and AGE.

Like it or not, we’ll get there and I just want you to ask yourself:
am I ready for this?”
“Can I really be 65 in my lifetime?”

“Have I ever seen myself in my 50s before now?”

It’ll happen alright… Rest assured… it will.

SO, second:

If I had a good home-based business, I could write off some of my utilities, my phone,
entertainment costs, and gas for my car… Hmm…

I asked Google What Is The Best Online Business For Over 50s?

Are There Good Opportunities Out There?

Not too bad:

I could invest in real estate, but it is competitive and I wanted to do that 20 years ago…
Not now.

Ok, I could be a consultant and regurgitate everything I did for the last 25 years… No thanks.

I thought of a franchise. They are very costly; this would eat up my savings.
I know nothing about the food industry, automotive, or technology.

I wanted some freedom now, but these were not spare-time ideas… they were FULL-time ideas!

I set to work, researching the best online businesses for retirees.

Dig Deeper!

you didn't come this far sign
I came this far so that I could
have it ALL!

I wanted to take my work with me on a holiday!
This was my ideal scenario, and I planned to travel a lot!
The word AFFILIATE came up often.
Somehow I should know about that!

I had not connected the dots yet.

Who Told Me About It?

My nephew sold items for Amazon and hundreds of online stores.
He never bought stock or had to mail anything out.

He was an affiliate marketer. He helped the store owner to sell to the public.
He found the best online business for EVERYONE!

About The Shopping…

The pickings are great because there are about 550 million products
and affiliate services worldwide to choose from.

There is something for everyone out there!

Evan could not go WRONG!

Is This A Big Deal?

Online shoppers make up the potential 4 billion people on the internet,..
24 hours a day,.. worldwide!

I just looked up google statistics now.

In the last minute, there were 3,780,000 google searches.
In one hour, wait for it.. that’s 228 billion, google searches worldwide!

This number does not include all the other search engines out there.

This is real-time! This is October 3rd, 2022!.. Really!
And that number is continuously growing.

I didn’t particularly want to buy something, but I sure wanted to be part of the sales!

Compare This To A Brick And Mortar Store!

typical shop at the mall
How do all these businesses survive?

If the weather is not good, too hot, too cold, or too wet, people leave the malls. They shop online!
There are millions of shoppers who have been doing this for years!

This is the wave of the future,.. which is NOW!

It’s all about passing trade at the mall; you rely on crowds and you have to buy stock.

How many times have you walked through a mall and wondered: “how do all these businesses make a living?”

And the malls are becoming more and more empty.

I did not want to become part of those statistics!
This was not the plan I had for my life.

How Does This Online Thing Happen?

If Evan wrote about food, he would have links in his blogs, which were related to the story.

These links could be to menus or kitchen tools and gadgets. He could even have a link for a whole new kitchen!

When you “click on the link” and make a purchase he gets a commission at no cost to you.

You can write about anything you like that you are passionate about!

This is the second income I was talking about!

How Easy Is It?

We have all been there surfing the web. It’s addicting, isn’t it?

You needed airline tickets and you “clicked on the link”.

AND OH Look!.. There is this icon… hey, what’s this?
Ironware, covered oven dish in BLUE!.. I must have it!.. CLICK!

See how convenient that was?.. It arrived in two days!

This is the easy way… and today billions of people are shopping the easy way!

They’ll Stand In Line…

I am too savvy to believe the lies
I am way too savvy to
believe the lies!

To take your money!

There are thousands of online companies pleading for your business.
Pay them and you will get money every month in sums that surpass your wildest dreams!

No experience necessary!

You KNOW this is too good to be true! Don’t believe the lies… you’re waaay too savvy for that!

If it was so easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?

This led to further research and Wealthy Affiliate was left standing in the end.
To me, this made sense to trust them! All the other affiliate academies fell by the wayside.

My Research Paid Off!

In the independent consumer reports, Wealthy Affiliate was voted the best value for money.

It was voted #1 for training, support, and quality of its website.
They were unafraid to talk about the training… which is their greatest asset!

I, for sure, liked their name! WEALTHY affiliate – works for me!

WHY Is The Training A Mystery?

Question: Why would affiliate companies avoid the subject of training?
Answer: Because it takes time to learn how to create and maintain your own business.

Remember how those online academies told you how easy it is and how quickly you would earn untold incomes, beyond your wildest dreams??

Get real! These are lies and it does not happen overnight.
It takes work and I threw myself into the job!

I feel like I just ran a marathon to the finish line and I am exhausted and happy and laughing at the same time!

Are you ready to face the challenge to change your life?

If I can do this, anyone can!

Because I am 72 years old!

This is how I am earning that second income I was hoping for,
and I am enjoying every minute of it!

What’s Holding You Back?

This is scary… and I know you want to do this too.

You are thinking: am I smart enough?
Can I afford it?.. Can someone my age do this?

All those computer whizz kids are doing this!
Young whipper-snappers!

How can I compete?

Put Your Fancy Pants On!

Who would know your age online?
You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to.

It does not matter because you can sell everything on the web,
and everything you write about will sell!

Remember, the online passing trade is potentially 4 billion people,..
7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Who can You Trust?

I am telling you, you can trust Wealthy Affiliate!

With all the research I did for the best online businesses for over 50s,
Wealthy Affiliate rose to the top,.. like c-r-e-a-m, every time.

There’s A “Try Before You Buy” Period!

Before I joined WA in March 2022 I took advantage of their free offer.
You can sit in on the WA platform and have a look around for free; try it for a week!

Join the chats and read blogs and leave comments. You can see what they’re about.
Read people’s bios and discover how engaging and helpful everyone is.

You won’t be asked for a credit card! You will join when YOU are ready!
And, you can opt out whenever you want to… because you don’t need to sign a contract.

This was very important to me because I was unsure, skeptical and afraid to
take the step of an online business for retirees…
I had already been scammed before!

How Does This Happen?

love what you do sign
About time, isn’t it?

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT expensive! They are at the going rate for affiliate academies!


Wealthy Affiliate was voted the best value-for-money in the industry because $50.00 US per month buys a premium membership.

This allows me to take all the training, and all the extra classes available.
The training is terrific!.. step-by-step, complete and understandable!

All this while working at my own pace. You will progress at your own pace!

What Have I Done So Far?

In my first week as a WA member, I made my first website!

I made a website – I never thought I could do this!

I learned how to present my blogs and add images and captions.
I learned how to link products to my story.

If you are still working, you already know this, and that gives you the advantage!

You don’t need to be an experienced writer… you don’t need to be an author.

Anyone can do this!

I Blog!

Never heard of that before and I confused it with clogs!.. yes, I know,.. wooden shoes!

You can blog about anything that you have a passion for.
I have written much about sewing, travel, food, my passion for motorcycle riding
and For Seniors, like this post.

As a blogger, this is the best job I have had in my life!

What About The People?

WA consists of people from all walks of life
WA consists of 2.3 million members,
from all ages and all walks of life!

The WA Community is the STAR attraction.
It is welcoming and fun and a global village of sorts.

I am in the company of so many people who are willing to share their knowledge.

This is a rare community with a rare atmosphere!
They LOVE to see others succeed!.. Who knew?

Don’t assume that this is a geriatric site because it is not. WA is made up of 2.3 million members worldwide.

I am from Canada and I communicate with people from South Africa, the USA, Portugal, Belgium, the UK, India, Thailand, and Australia!

All this while I keep up with the ever-changing technology!
This is a side-effect that I can live with!

Who Was My Mentor?

Evan Lionel Denis
In loving memory of Evan Lionel Denis,
Nov 27, 1986 – April 28, 2013.

There is a reason that I did not share my experiences with Wealthy Affiliate before now.
I did not want to promote anything unless I could truly stand behind the product.

To be honest, I was skeptical to be talking about my research.
I knew that there were nay-sayers who would be unsupportive… Critical even.

The critics never do their own research; remember that!

I went back to my source and Evan said, “you got this aunt Corinne! Don’t let anyone tell you that age is a factor. Anyone can do this!”

I am so glad I listened to Evan; that young whipper-snapper!

Take your time and do your own research. Collect your material and make your own decision.
Don’t just take my word for it.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

If there is any way that I can help you to reach your goals, I will be happy to do that.

Regards, Corinne

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