Why Would 33-86% Of Retirees Reverse Their Retirement?

Retirees are reversing their retirement after age 65!
Is this a good new trend? Is it necessary?

Would you reverse your retirement?.. Why wouldn’t you?

The main positive reason is financial health! It’s a financial move!


Should You Reverse Your Retirement?

Just when you were getting used to the good life! Things were starting to fall into place!
You had PLANS!

You really don’t know how you’re going to eventually, get into something that will pay off.

Hey, that’s ok; just wing it for a while.

Is retirement really so great? Are you having as much fun as you thought you would?

What Motivates A Reverse Retirement?

The number one reason to reverse retirement is for MORE INCOME!
This was the motivation you needed!

PICTURE IT: This is how you will make this happen!

FIRST: Now, you have money-making skills, established networks, and qualifications.
Let’s start using all this stuff you learned throughout your life!

How would anyone learn these skills without the experiences you’ve had?
This is a HUGE plus!

SECOND: It took you a lifetime of learning to get here!
Why would you work for someone else now?

Your neckties will be older than your boss!
When you were first hired in your field, you were hired by an older, more knowledgeable guy – like yourself!

Working for yourself is less stressful than working for someone else…
Of course, it’s best to find a job that fits your schedule.

Don’t you think you’ve earned this?

THIRD: This is your chance to pursue that encore career you always wanted.
For me, I always wanted to be my own boss!.. This is it!

FOURTH: You will have a purpose, you’ll stay active, and keep your mind sharp!
I cannot express enough that we must keep up with technology!
If we don’t, we will be considered illiterate!.. Yeah!

FIFTH: This provides for your soon-to-be financial needs!
So, while you are planning for your future, you are helping your bottom line.

You are keeping up with inflation.
NOW you need to kick some butt!


Could This Be A Major Phenomenon?

would you reverse your retirement?
We will die working!
An average of 33% of retirees will reverse their retirement in the highest, to lowest income groups. 

By 2024, the 65 to the 74-year-old group will reverse their retirement by up to 55%!
AND, the 75+ age group will go up to 86% reverse retirement!


If I die working, that’s ok.

But I want to do SOME work and enjoy my life in the manner to which I have become accustomed.

I waited all my life to do this!.. Now I can be my OWN boss…
I’ll put to good use what I’ve learned over the years!

This needs to be on my terms. This is not a chore, it is a right and a privilege to be able to continue to use our minds and have the satisfaction of a job well done…

The Bureau Of Labor (BLS) shows that older workers have higher rates of SELF-EMPLOYMENT than younger people... That’s refreshing! 

I bet they have fewer firings too!.. LOL!

Tell – You – What:

YOU use your experience and expertise. YOU use your negotiating skills and…

YOU be the CEO of your own business!

I bet if you hired someone to start your business, that someone would be just-likeyou!

Now the SCORE for retirees is 10 and the circumstances don’t stand a chance! 

This last birthday opened my eyes!
I needed a plan for a second income!


What if I live to be 100? What will I be able to afford? 

I needed to do something… NO MLM FOR ME! 

Here Is The Scenario… Did I Put It Off? 

Six years ago I did a huge amount of research and was mentally preparing to do this.
Never liked researching; I didn’t know where to start.

how long could I put this off, I wondered.
How long can I put this off, I wondered.

If there is a way to put things off, human nature will find it. 

This was my rationale:
I was still working, I had an income; no rush. 

I’ll have the TIME to start an online business when I retire… maybe I won’t need to start right away.

I’ll probably work for a few years after 65… Can’t sit at home anymore. 

There it is, human nature, putting things off again. 

That was six years ago!

Is anything different for YOU after these last six years?
Did your financial situation improve at all?

Even for a little while? 

And how will your finances perform when you stop working?.. Hmmm..?

THIS is how fast 72 months can go by… Go ahead, think back to 6 years ago. 

Your kids were young teens, OR you did some renovations, OR, two kids graduated from university, OR your uncle still lived next door…

See how short that was?


Take it from me: WHEN you start an online business, you will wish that you had started earlier... Much earlier… Sooner, rather than later. 

I Learned Some Lessons! 

I did things the hard way. I was scammed three times! Small amounts, which I did get back. 

I had no idea what “starting an online business” was.
I thought that meant I would be working from home, for a company I knew nothing about, and make a huge income by entering data!.. 

Nothing was going to stop me.

My research told me that the job I wanted, did not exist. 


Where was the fun in this? Where was the fun in retirement? 


I went to Google and asked, “what are the best online businesses for over 50s”?
(click on the link and see what I found!)

I was in for a surprise! 

There were lots of options, but the only thing I understood was a brick-and-mortar business.
I looked into that first. 

In order to make it work, you need to pay, BIG TIME, for a high-traffic area.
To break this down further, you need to rely on passing trade, or you will never have sales. 

You paid for the high-end decor, which you hope will attract 40% of the mall shoppers.
With that, you want to convert 15% of the “tire kickers” into buyers, before you fritter away your savings. 

No matter what the weather, too hot, too wet, or too cold, you will pay the same rent
whether the mall is busy or not! 

What will our friendly shoppers do on bad-weather days? 

They will stay home, in their jammies with a cup of coffee, AND SHOP ONLINE!

I Answer To The CEO! 

Do you think I was scared? You bet I was!
This was all new to me and I was skeptical.

Could someone my age do this?
What if I was rejected for not being technically skilled? 

I DECIDED that I was going to use MY brain and MY experience and be the CEO of MY own business. 

It didn’t matter if I failed… So what?  I only answered to the CEO!
Oh… hey... That would be me!  

I Am An Affiliate Advertiser Now!

As I researched working online from home the word “affiliate” kept popping up.

I thought I was smart; what’s going on? 

Affiliate means that I, and the dealer, sell their product together.
I am their advertiser now.

We cut out the middlemen and replaced them with online bloggers.

This is like direct TVno middleman between the product and yourself! 

And there it was, on the Wealthy Affiliate site, “we teach you everything you will ever need to know about how to start and maintain your own online business”.


would you reverse your retirement for more income?
Hi, I’m Corinne and I joined
WA when I was 71!

What Did The Research Show Me?.. 

I researched “the best affiliate online businesses” and Wealthy Affiliate stood out every time. 
(Open this link; you won’t regret it!)

Independent consumer reports deemed that Wealthy Affiliate offered the best value for money, the highest quality training, the best website, and the best-rated community in the affiliate academy business. 

This is true! I know this because I became a member of WA in my early 70s!

If I can do this, anyone can do this. 

Here’s How It’s Going So Far! 

In my first week as a member, I made my first website, which is free. 

I made a website; imagine that!never thought I could do this. 

Most of you know how to build a website; that gives you a  head start! 

I didn’t learn any of this in school. We weren’t even allowed to have a calculator in our locker!.. It was like contraband! 

I Blog! 

A Blog is a story or composition about an item or pastime or thing. 
Further blogging experiences here will whet your appetite!

If I write about travel, I have links in the blog that a reader clicks on to see a product
related to that story.

I could have links for travel packages, hotel discounts, and family meal coupons!  

A reader “clicks on the link” if they want to get in on the fun and purchase an item. 

See how easy that is? 

From this, I get a commission at no cost to the consumer.
This is the SECOND INCOME I was talking about! 

What’s The Big Secret? 

I wanted this: no dealing with customers, no packing up items for shipping, and no buying of stock. 

During my research, I often asked what the training was about, and “what was I training for”?.. I still thought I would be entering data for mega-bucks! 

I could never get an answer.

I wasn’t asking for a place in a witness protection program people!..
Why were they so secretive?  


If an affiliate company tells you that you will get huge sums of wealth, within days of membership, there must be a catch! 

If this was true, wouldn’t everyone do this?.. I know that I would! 

If they had to admit that you would need the training to learn to start and maintain your business, they might have to admit that this does not happen over-night! 

The reality is that you have to get your hands dirty.
You have to do the WORK to LEARN how to blog and grow your business. 

I will never be a computer geek, but I am learning how to be a great blogger!
I LOVE this technology! 

For me, who was not working and struggling to keep up with every new software,
I needed their help. 

Wealthy Affiliate kept their promise. Click here to see what they can offer you!
I am miles ahead of my previous skills and enjoying every minute of this! 

Who Is This WA, Really?

After reading the independent reviews, Wealthy Affiliate stood out as the best value for money in the industry. 

$50.00 a month is the usual starting price for affiliate academies, for which you will receive the basics at this low price.

At Wealthy Affiliate, $50.00 a month makes you a Premium Member!

IF someone offers you the affiliated kingdom for $109.95/year, don’t do it!
His site will be closed as soon as you pay him… I know this. 

What Will You Get For $50.00? 

As a Premium Member, $50.00 a month allows you to take all the training, and any extra classes available. 
You get a free website and unlimited support from the 24/7 helpline. 

people of all walks of life join Wealthy Affiliate
WA has members of all ages and they
are from everywhere!

And the community is terrific!
By no means is this a geriatric website… no way!

People of all ages are members! 

Wealthy Affiliate has been an academy for 17 years and has 2.6 million members from around the world.

Since I have traveled a lot, it is great to touch base with people in South Africa, the UK, Belgium, India, Portugal, and the US... So far… 

It really is fun to get into the live chats and read the bios and latest blogs. 

I am not tekkie like most of them are, but it is a big deal to have helpers who truly care about making everyone successful.

I have experienced patience and guidance and huge growth; this is the place for me!

What’s My Point? 

The younger generation owns online stores and they don’t leave their home…
Unless they want to!

Some of these kids are CEOs at 20 and make their first million at 25! 

This isn’t the wave of the future; it’s NOW! 

You can buy a house online, your car, and even your dinner,.. every night.

BTW, I will be past 25, when I make my first million… No time like the present! 

Is Staying Home Really A Benefit? 

you can lounge in bed in the morning
You can lie in until late in the morning!

Here’s what being home is like: 

No driving on busy roads, looking for parking, and no driving through snow.

No driving past the disability space, the young parents’ space, or the store’s grocery pick-up areas to find parking. 

No matter what the weather, what time of day or night, or if there’s a lockdown,.. online shoppers don’t have to go out! 

Enter Online Shopping! 

The good news doesn’t stop there, because the passing trade averages out to about 4 1/2 billion people online at any time of the day or night, from a potential 7.5 billion!

Using the same math as the mall traffic, if you attract just 10% of 4.5 billion browsers, (450 million) and convert 10% of those into sales: that’s 45 million potential buyers, at that moment! 

DREAM BIG!.. Everything else is a dreamlet! 

Try Wealthy Affiliate On For Size! 

Wealthy Affiliate has a “try before you buy program”.

You can sit-in-on-their-site and have a look around.
Read members’ bios and join the chats.
See what they are about for a week or so. 

There is no commitment, and you don’t need a credit card to do this.
You will join when you are ready to join… no pressure!

You don’t even have to sign a contract when you become a member!
You will leave if you feel like leaving. 

choose your t-shirt message wisely!
Listen closely to your t-shirt


I know, I know!: “this is the first day of the rest of your life!” 

I read this in the 70s and thought this was a GREAT slogan. A great credo!

I had BIG plans for this T-shirt message!
I was going to change things from that day forward!..

Then, I forgot about it…
Until now. 

To Sum This Up… 


Think of the superstars of the world, in every genre, every sport, maths, authors, actors, scientists, – you name it, they each have a superstar. It’s the person who first did something.

They talk about that superstar in hushed tones; mention him in conversations.

Each superstar stood out from everyone else in his field… Why?
Because he was different and he dared to share what he had.

Remember Roy Orbison, The Righteous Brothers, KD Lang, and Adele? They all sound different from the other voices out there.
I bet each one of them thought they would fail.

Not such a big leap really as they were only 1 CHROMOSOME different from anyone else!

Look at yourself: You-are-as-unique-as-anyone-can-be!
Let’s do this!


Do your research and decide if WA is for you… make up your own mind! 
Click this link to look inside the WA Platform!

I Can Help! 

If there is any way that I can help you to achieve your goals, I will be happy to do that. 

If you would like to ask a question, feel free to contact me below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Keep in touch! 

Regards, Corinne

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  1. Cook,
    What can I say that you haven’t said better? Your writing is clear, concise, convincing and without unnecessary hyperbole. You’ve answered all my questions before I got the chance to ask, lol. If anyone reading your explanation as to what W/A is and how they can get involved then you’ve given them the goods. You can only spoon feed people so far then they have to commit and get their feet wet and your blog brought them to the shallow end of the pool and now the next step is theirs. Well done.

    1. Thank you, Wayne. Your observations are especially beneficial to me, bc you are on point with everything. You are direct and tell it like it is. I am so glad my explanation makes sense and I want everyone to understand the WA platform.
      I appreciate your input.