5 Reasons To Join E-Commerce Mania!

5 reasons to join e-commerce mania!

I Sidled-Up To The Task!

What was I doing? I’m not a millennial!I was SHOPPING online!

“What would happen,” I wondered, “if we ALL shopped online?”
What if we no longer needed the MALLS? … No more brick-and-mortar stores!

Ohhh! I would so miss the festivities over December holidays!

My 5 Reasons To Join E-Commerce Mania!

I’ll give it to you STRAIGHT! These are MY reasons for joining E-commerce mania!

5 reasons to join e-commerce mania!
Join Wealthy Affiliate – THE academy for starting an online business!

1. It was time to start supplementing my income if I was going to keep up with inflation. Not downsizing yet!

I wanted to continue living in the manner to which I had become accustomed.

2. Being able to claim some of my utilities and lower my taxes with a home-based online business was very attractive to me! This would be a cost-saving opportunity!

3. This was of huge interest to me and I was anxious to get started.
It is very important to stay sharp and engaged.

I wanted to continue to see people and remain active! I was not ready to slow down!

4. OWN my own business! I have always wanted to do this!
This could be my last hurrah! Let’s make it a good one!

5. With an online business, work can take place anywhere!
All I needed was a WIFI connectionwhile on the holiday of my dreams!

My criteria were, “ok Google, show me options for seniors to start an online business from home and make mega-bucks”! … Heh, heh … good luck, Google!

You Want To Know What Google Said?

This is a paraphrase and keeps it simple: Google said, “For seniors owning an online business, there are a BUNCH of e-commerce options that would be great!”
Or words to that effect!

I searched the internet for “Best online moneymakers for seniors” AND “retiring after 55” AND, my favorite: “What Does It Mean To Be Retired At 60?” (you can read it via the link here).

My INTENTION was, I would just “jump in”, open an online business… and make some money!
Like the Panda bear: “eats shoots and leaves”!

What Else Did Google Say?

Wealthy Affiliate was #1 on PAGE 1 of Google … every time!

Who WERE these people?

Wealthy Affiliate was voted the #1 BEST academy for learning online business ownership!
It has the most user-friendly interface, and is the best value for money!

As a Premium member, the cost is just $50.00 per month. This includes 120 classes from creating your website to owning and maintaining that business over the long term.

Plus unlimited help from site support! And the community! THEY were voted the #1 best community, and the most interactive and diverse!

Uncovering The Secret To Making Money Online!

I found SIX E-commerce businesses that could help you to hop onto the online MANIA gravy train!

Each business, will have guidelines as to cost – if there is any – to setting up requirements.

When you complete the first 20% you are 80% there!


Join Wealthy Affiliate, THE academy for training to own an online business.

seniors need 5 reasons to join e-commerce mania
When you complete the first 20%
you are already 80% there!

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to set up your website to a very high standard.

This is your first step for any E-commerce you decide to take on.
You need to have the training!

Create a website you can be proud of – this is your online store!
– this is where online shoppers will come to browse and buy your products.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have help every step of the way!
You will have all the support you will ever need in your new venture.
You are not alone!

Visit Wealthy Affiliate here by clicking the link! and sit in on their site for one week for FREE!

Ask Yourself These Questions…

Get your very own online notebook of “How I will build my online business”
and write this down:

THE LEARNING CURVE: This might be called a “con” by some people, but this is the most important, BEST “pro” thing that will happen to you in your online business!

A. What are you going to sell?
– What is the product that you want to sell?
– Who is your target customer? Is it a broad or narrow audience?
(pajamas for the whole family or just for Mom)?
– When you know this, you are ready to make your business plan.

B. Search out your products and suppliers.
– go online and visit suppliers’ WEBSITEs and follow up with reviews.
– be sure of their credibility – you don’t want to give your money to the wrong guy!
– check out their payment and delivery policies.

C. Market your business: how will you attract customers to your online store?
– send out newsletters, with coupons or a flyer
– advertise on social media
– get those emails out!
– you need to stand out from the competition and attract customers

There’s a learning curve in setting up
an online business!

D. Provide excellent customer service to ensure satisfaction – or they won’t come back!
– keep your inventory up-to-date so that you can follow through on your promises.

E. Be prepared for hard work in the beginning, the rewards will come later.

You are going to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
Far beyond what you can dream of, or even think!

So relax – build one day at a time!
NEVER give up! … You will amaze yourself!

Go Ahead, Choose A Business Model!

UNO: BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) E-commerce sounds good, for a LOT of people.

With B2C, you target a specific audience and develop a direct relationship with the customers.

It’s a rewarding and lucrative business, but it takes a lot of hard work and planning to set it up… our generation has never been afraid of hard work!

You can never achieve greatness without hard work.
Wealthy Affiliate will help you every step of the way!

DOS: DROPSHIPPING! This might be the answer!No Middle Man!

It’s Flexible! You can work from anywhere at any time. This could be a perfect scenario if you need to work around medical appointments.

OR you can take your work with you while you travel!
You only need WIFI, so you could be anywhere!

It’s Cheap: as in low start-up costs!
You won’t need to take out a loan to have your own business!

No inventory management! Since “dropshipping” means that you can do the sale, and not have to do the shipping, the inventory is handled by the supplier.

You just focus on marketing and good customer service.

Reliance on suppliers: You are reliant on your suppliers to fulfill orders and deliver products on time. Get to know this guy … develop a great relationship with your supplier!

Competition: Online dropshipping is a highly competitive industry, with many businesses vying for the same customers. That is because dropshipping is a great online business when it’s done right! You can do it right the Wealthy Affiliate way!

TRES: SUBSCRIPTION-BASED E-COMMERCE: This is a great scenario if you are interested in setting up a recurring revenue stream!

You can offer products or services on a recurring basis, such as in this scenario…

It could be challenging for people to get to their pharmacy or store.

You could offer a 3-week subscription delivery, an uber scheduled for every 10 days, or a monthly cleaning service.

You could offer the customer savings on the product they use most often in their home, with multi-purchase discounts!

On your website, have a place for customers to sign up for your recurring services!

Establish your suppliers and their shipping rates.
Advertise on social media and attract new customers.

Monitor your success so that you will always meet the needs of your customers and ensure you stay competitive in the marketplace.

QUATRO: ONLINE MARKETPLACE! Amazon, Etsy … Pinterest!

They already have an established customer base, like… everybody!
They are already set upbeen there for years!

If you are new to E-commerce, it might be good to sell through an established,
online marketplace!

Is your artwork, pottery, needlework, or wood carvings, in storage?
Maybe you have something you want to sell… Hmmmm?

You still need a GREAT website to do this!


You could buy a motorcycle when you “click the link”! (Daniel Sidoka)

It is very lucrative and easy to start up, providing you do the groundwork right first!

I will tell this like it is, as I have chosen affiliate marketing as my E-comm business!

And it’s cost-effective!

As a blogger, I can write about travel, food, or my love of motorcycling.

If I write about a motorcycle trip, I could have a “link” you click on, to have coupons for entertainment in the area or restaurant discounts. You could click for travel discounts too!

There could be links for motorcycle gear even a motorcycle!

When the consumer, clicks the link and makes a purchase, I receive a commission at no cost to the consumer.

I am the MIDDLE MAN promoting the thing or service.
I am advertising a product or pastime through my writing on my WEBSITE!

There are no start-up costs as you don’t need to create your own products and services.
Payment is made when a sale is made!

Limited control: You will have limited control over the products you sell and the shipping process. This can be frustrating if you prefer to have full control over your business operations.

It’s Flexible! … This is the KEY to online marketing!

This Is Your To-Do List!

even baseball catchers need to get the basics right first
Even baseball players need to get the right basics right first!

1. Join Wealthy Affiliate: for $50.00 a month, you will learn everything you need to know about setting up your website, launching your business, and maintaining your business as it grows.

2. Decide which E-commerce business is best for you.

3. Research your finances, the time you can allow for this business, and what it will take to get there.

4. Be prepared for hard work in the beginning this is a learning curve. You will never achieve greatness without hard work.

5. The beauty is, this is so easy when you have the right basics right, first!

To Sum Everything Up …

You have access to a WORLD market, with 5 billion people on the internet at any time of the day or night; you don’t need a physical location!

There is more opportunity NOW on the internet than there has ever been before!
It doesn’t get better than this!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be captivated by a like-minded community of members from around the world. They number 2.6 million people!

The encouragement and helpful advice they dish out so freely … they genuinely want you to succeed. Their support is amazing!

THAT’S why the WA community is rated the most interactive and diverse in the online academy industry.

You can sit in on the Wealthy Affiliate site for one week for FREE!
You can read members’ bios, join the chats, and ask questions!

You don’t need a credit card to do this. You don’t need to sign a contract when you do join!
You will join when you are ready to join, you will leave if you decide to leave.

We look forward to meeting you!

You must have some questions about opening an online business, especially for the first time. Please feel free to put them in the comment box below – it’s private.

What sort of e-commerce did you choose and are you selling a product? Do you have a service, dropship or affiliate business?

If I can do anything to help you to achieve your goals, I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.

Keep in touch!

Regards, Corinne

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