The Best Online Business For Over 50s!

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If you’re looking for an online business for over 50s, it’s time to prepare for a better future! It’s a great time to start. We’ll remove the mysteries for you!

Remember, Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started KFC!

Do You Have A Plan?

I have the best online business for over 50s
Hi I’m Corinne and I made the best decision for my future!

So, you want to retire at 65…

Nice plan

You worked hard and you are looking forward to it.
You’ve had a good career and work came first.

But, truth be told, it may not have been the best career choice.

The pension will be small and no one can live on a government payout.

You need a second income

for forty years you punched a clock
You spent 45 years working for
someone else!

How Can I Make This Work?

You have spent the last 25 years working for someone else and punching a clock… Do you want to do that again?

You need to think this through… let’s look at your options:

Option 1:

set up a brick and mortor store
You can set up a brick-and-mortar
business in a high-traffic area!

You could set up a brick-and-mortar business.
If it is in a high-traffic area the costs will be high.

If it’s in a less expensive low-traffic area, the sales will be poorer. 

Your business should represent your brand. 
Money needs to be spent on the “look” to entice traffic.

Whatever it takes; you need to stand out from the competition out there.

What’s Your Guarantee?

After all the money you put into this new venture, there is no guarantee that your product will sell.

You would be doing the same thing as before: fighting traffic and working by the clock.

You will only know after you open your doors if you will be a success.
If you are not, you could be out several thousand dollars!

This could get pret-ty expensive pret-ty quickly.

How long will it take to pay off those loans you took out to buy your stock?

Option 2:

YOU want to work from home!
Let’s face it: you don’t want to sign a lease and buy stock; you don’t want to have anything to sell.
And, you are tired of fighting traffic!.. AND the clock!

What Are The Perks?

With a home-based business, you can write off some utilities, your phone,
transportation costs, entertainment, and lower your taxes…

All this, in the comfort of your home, working at your own pace!
Why not?.. I like to do things the easy way!

What to do… How can I decide?

What Action Did I Take?

take your work with you
I wanted something I could
take with me wherever I went!

I scoured the internet for help and I asked Google:
Does The WWW Love Septuageniarians?

As I dug into the research of online entrepreneurship,
things started to appear. 

I didn’t see it before, because I wasn’t looking for it.
There it was, all over the internet:
start your own AFFILIATE online business.

Here’s A Secret About Me:

I have been scammed three times now and I know what that feels like!
I did get all my money back but I wanted to avoid another breach of trust.

There are thousands of affiliate academies willing to show you how to start
your very own online business.” 

Following the reviews, I found that no one was giving what they promised. 
Who could you speak to? The lines were dead... NO one was home! 

I got independent reviews from consumer reports on the last ones I weeded out.
Strangely though, Wealthy Affiliate stood out from all the rest. 

Uh… Yes,.. well, I liked the name, at least.
If I was going to earn money online, “wealthy” was a good place to start! 

Can You Afford This?

I wanted to do this as much as you do now… but this is all new and you are afraid.
Will you be able to do this?.. Can you afford it?

How much could something like this cost?
It’s a much more attractive investment than a brick-and-mortar business! 

Here’s What WA Can Do For You!

Wealthy Affiliate Is Ready For Over 50s!

As affiliate marketing goes, Wealthy Affiliate ranked number one in support, training, and quality of their site. They were also ranked number one as the best value-for-money.

make up your own mind
Do your own research.
Make up your own mind!

I love a bargain!!

For me, there was no question that if I was going into affiliate marketing, I was going to enlist with Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t just take my word for it, do your own research… make up your own mind.

I am going to make it easy-peasy for you to do just that…
I will show you, in a few minutes, how to do your own research!

Go ahead, check your watch… a few minutes!

Is There Another Good Side To This?

The average start-up figures were around $50.00 a month.
I wanted my $50.00 to get the biggest bang for its buck! 

Compare a $50.00 start-up fee to any other type of business start-up fee!

You should see a red flag if someone is offering the same services for $129.95/year!
If you send him money, his site will be closed by morning!.. Trust me, I know this!

No One Leaves This Room!

I am too experienced to believe lies
I am too experienced to
believe the lies!

Don’t believe the lies that the money will come rol-li-ng in and you will earn $15,000 a month before the ink dries. 

They’ll say: “There is NO work to do; you’ll earn a fortune!..
No experience necessary!“… Uh-huh… Right!

These are LIES.
There is NO free lunch!

If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?

We’re too mature for that kind of scam… we know better!

What Did I Do?

How could I be so sure I was making a good decision?
I did the hands-on research!

It’s the Wealthy Affiliate “Try Before You Buy” coupon!
This is what you’ve been waiting for, for the last few minutes!

Wealthy Affiliate has a complimentary visitation for anyone who wants to sit in on their site!
Take your time and have a look around. Do your research!

There is NO pressure and you won’t need to produce a credit card!
You’ll join WA when you are ready!

You just sign in, you can join the chats, and read peoples’ bios.
Take a look around and feel free to see the whole setup.

From my research, no one else offers this!
Are they hiding something?

After I was satisfied with what I found, I took one for the team.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in March 2022! 

How Is This Working For Me?

I never expected to learn so much in so short a time.
I made my first website in the first week as a member! 

I made my own website! I never thought I could do this! 

I did not have all the skills to get everything done and I had to learn some basics.
But learn them I did and I am streets ahead of my previous knowledge!  

Ok, I know that some of the 60s and 50-year-olds know about setting up a website
and they are probably still working. 

Here’s the rub: I AM 72 YEARS OLD! 

What Does Affiliate Mean?

write about anything you fancy
I write about a product or thing…
I am the advertiser now!

So, what was this AFFILIATE thing about?
I can only give you my first-hand description.

As an affiliate, I write about a product, a thing, or an activity.

Through my blogs, I can recommend other people’s relevant products or services.

I will earn a commission when a sale is made at no cost to the purchaser.

Yes, I have to eat too!
The buyer just clicks on the link!

THIS is the second income I was talking about!
I know!.. This is great!

We have all been there. Remember, buying those airline tickets: “click on the link“?
See how easy that was?

In effect, by writing about a product or experience…
I am the advertiser now! 

How Did I Do This?

Say I wrote about food and had links for menus or kitchen tools in my blog.
You’ve seen them online… admit it. We all do this… it’s an addiction!  

I write the story, and I add photo images: it looks good and catches the eye.

But there is a process to getting to this point. 


How Did I Learn All This?

Wealthy Affiliate promised to teach me everything I will ever need to know, to launch
and maintain my business. They did not lie!

WA taught me how to make my own website…
and how to add photos and visuals to make my blogs look pretty! 

I can write about anything now.
I am not an author, just a person like you! BUT, now I am a successful blogger!

This doesn’t just magically happen… I was taught the skills to be able to do this.
You would have had to learn this whatever online business academy you joined.

You will get the highest quality training at Wealthy Affiliate!

You can speak to someone at any time if you get stuck!
Can’t say that about other affiliate academies… why not go to the place
that offers you the mostest?

Is There Another Upside?

Everything was step-by-step so I took my time and followed the instructions.
They made it easy… and I set my own pace.

You will set your own pace. 

a global village at WA
WA is a Global Village… I don’t know
why anyone would leave.

You can work all night long if you want to.
Site Help and the forums are open 24/7.

There are 2.6 million members worldwide! They are of all ages and from every country!.. A Global Village of sorts!

You can remain a WA member for life if you want to.
But having been here for just six months,
I don’t know why anyone would leave!

AND… Think of the time you can spend with your loved ones… while your business is working for you!

Once it gets going, that’s how easy it is!

Was It Always This Easy?

The short answer is NO
I reviewed Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 but did not make a decision to join any affiliate company.
(Bite your tongue, Corinne!)

I didn’t know what I should do and I couldn’t think it through.

If a senior had told me about affiliate business, in my language, I would have made an informed decision to join Wealthy Affiliate in 2017!

I did not seize the opportunity; I did nothing for five years! 

Today (2022-23) could be so much different!

Let me explain…

Here’s The Truth:

It takes time to produce and grow your online business…

If it was so easy to join an affiliate academy and earn thousands of dollars overnight…
if it was so easy


the wunderkind is worth a gazillion dollars
The Wunderkind is worth a gazillion
dollars! At least!

Yes, there are stories of the wunderkind who made it big in online business, and he’s worth a gazillion dollars!

Do you think he never touched a computer before he went into business?

Guys like this are weaned on computers!
They have done this before!.. They will do it again!

You can do this too!

Is This Type Of Business Here For Good?


take the challenge to change your life
Are you ready for the challenge
that will change your life?

More and more people make their purchases on the internet. 
You can buy your car online, or your house! You can buy your dinner online, every day!

It’s a tekkie world out there! Online business is our future! 

But as a side effect that I can live with, I am becoming more up-to-date with this technology!

This is a huge selling point in my book!

Will we have cell phones or TV as we know it, five years from now?
At least we’ll be keeping up with the times!

Are you ready to change your life and be excited about the process?

Are you ready for the challenge that will change your life?

How Long Does It Take To Be An Overnight Success?

It takes twenty years to be an overnight success!

BUT… Imagine how much further I would be if I had joined Wealthy Affiliate five years ago!

A second, passive income would be a way of life for me.

This would have been my overnight success!

That oak tree that should have been planted 5 years ago… I am planting it now!

What’s My Modus Operandi?

That brick-and-mortar business we talked about is dependent on passing trade.

On a good day, we can hope to attract 50% of the passing trade per hour, and we
hope to reach 15% of that in sales.

Keep in mind that if the weather is not good, too wet or too cold, there won’t be much passing trade!

No matter what the mall traffic was today, the lease is the same, you open and close at the right times and you pay your own transportation costs. Your utility costs are the same.

This narrows things down... You have no real perks.

Is An Online Store Better For Passing Trade?

The internet provides a potential 7 billion people, WORLDWIDE, 24 hours a day of passing trade!
You can sell ANYTHING on the web! And anything you write about will sell!

What are the numbers? Using the brick-and-mortar example:

If 50% of 7 billion is passing trade, and you hope to sell to 15% of that… you do the math… (15% of 3.5 billion is 525 million at any time of the day or night… Google did the math!)

All this from the comfort of your home, while lowering your taxes and writing off utilities…
The clock does not matter and you work at your own pace... Ha!.. I see rose-colored glasses!

This is the easy way out I’m talking about!

All those shoppers who did not go out in the bad weather… what did they do?
They stayed home and shopped online!

What Can WA Offer You?

seniors in a workshop
If you are looking for support, WA
won’t let you down!

If you want value for money, Wealthy Affiliate offers that, hands down!

At $50.00 US per month, I am a premium member. That gives me access to everything I need.

I can join extra classes and webinars and the full training program is available to use at any time.

You NEVER sign a contract at WA; you can leave any time if you wish.

If you are looking for nurturing, encouragement and support, WA won’t let you down.

Ask questions in the forum.
You will be surprised at how many people are willing to help you in any way they can.
I am impressed to be surrounded by so much knowledge.
They’re the experts, and they are giving away their secrets!

I offered opinions on blogs and people Liked Me!.. Move over Sally Field!..
I love this technology!

What Should You Do Now?

Visit Wealthy Affiliate for free!
You owe it to yourself… to see for yourself!

Then, join Wealthy Affiliate before you retire. You can work it into your schedule.
You’ll be in good shape when that final day of work comes around!

Don’t waste these years, as I did. I could have been very well set by now.
That is my one regret; you can use this time to your advantage.

I Am So Glad… I finally took that Quantum Leap!

If you would like more information, leave me a comment and I will get back to you
within 24 hours at the latest.

When you leave a comment you can visit my site and have a look around; read a blog or two and get a feel for what we are about.

If I can help you to reach your goals, I will be happy to do that in any way I can.

I would enjoy hearing from you… please leave a comment.

Regards, Corinne

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  1. Thank you for the article.I came across your article and I’m glad I did. I am new to Wealthy Affiliate and I just wanted to tell you how right you are. 

    Wealthy Affiliate truly is an amazing assistant as I call them. I am not computer savvy at all and it didn’t matter because they literally hold your hand throughout the process. They have a step by step instruction list to go along with step by step videos. 

    The community might be the best part because everyone is willing and happy to help. I really would recommend this to anybody that’s wants to make money doing something they love. Even if you end up picking something you don’t love at least it will be on your own terms.

    Great article and good job for letting people know about Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hello Albert and thank you for your reply. It is great to be in the company of like-minded people!

      Your reaction is exactly what I have been looking for and I am glad that I wrote this post.

      Welcome to WA! 

      Regards, Corinne