7 Things You Should Do To Start Your Online Business!

7 things you should do to start your online business FI

1. Have A Plan!

7 things you should do to start your online business
To start your online business: HAVE A PLAN!

Have a plan …


Refer to it often and make sure it keeps you on track. 

Put those 7 things you should do to start your online business, into ACTION!

I make a list every day and stick to it.
If it wasn’t done yesterday, it goes to the top of my list today.

You have long-term goals:

A. Create a website. B. Launch your online business.
Wax on, wax off!

Ayodeji Awonsika said: “concentrate your time, energy, and attention on the daily actions needed, to turn your intentions into results.”
I needed to read that several times!

Break down every single task of the day into tiny, easy, achievable habits …
So that each complete task is a WIN! 

You are feeding your soul with that “job well-done” food!
This is the KEY to success!

2. Don’t Go Too Fast!

Yes, you read that right!

One step at a time – it will all fall into place in the end. Trust me – I know this!

It’s SO important to learn the basics first!

I joined the Wealthy Affiliate academy and learned the basics FIRST. 

All you teachers and mentors have been telling students all your life, to “get the basics right first”.

Now you can follow your own advice because you know it works!

Setting up an online business is hard work in the beginning, and the rewards come later!

I feel like I just ran a marathon! I am exhausted, sweating, and laughing at the same time! …
This is soooo worth it!

Rewards DO come if you don’t give up … Success is right here if you don’t shift focus.

3. Spend The Money!


Have a contingency fund, because you know that things will come up.

If you want high-quality ads for your website, and it will make all the difference to how you present yourself – because you are selling yourselfinvest the money!

When I started my online business, I wouldn’t spend money on anything! 
I wanted this site to work for me and bring in the rewards.

I soon realized that spending money on my business showed I was progressing nicely.

It is inevitable – you have to pay a yearly fee for a dot com!
At $14.00 a year, I thought I could absorb the cost!

Things were looking good! I had a bonafide website, in my name! (now I’m puffed-up!)))
I had to spend money to produce the income … simple as that!

Spend WISELY, Grasshopper!

4. Be Ready For Take-off!

You want to be proud of your website when it is launched!
You don’t want to OOPS! and take it down for repairs!

Now you have made a not-so-good impression.
Can you patch this up?.. Is patch what you really want to do?

We ALL want to get out there as soon as possible! … Not so fast, boys and girls!    

Have a friend or mentor look at your website with fresh eyes, before you launch.
Make sure about everything! Be ready! Check ALL the boxes!

I come from the land of brick-and-mortar businesses.
We left the home to shop, brought it all inside, stored it, refrigerated it, and ate the food.

Weekly shopping took place, wait for itWEEKLY!

We went to the Mall!
We did it all again the next week.

Now we shop online for our cars.
We look at houses without trekking across town to several different places.

We contact a realtor to get an actual viewing.
We just bought our house online, didn’t we?

Do you see where this IS? … Do you see where this is GOING! 

5. You Will Get Your ROI!

Be Patient! Ok, Develop Patience!

One of my worst habits was impatience
Yes, it is a habit... It can be changed!

Understand this: you will not become a mega-online-mogul overnight! 

We all heard those stories of how someone started an online business, was successful and made a gazillion dollars in one week!I used to believe in the Tooth Fairy!

Anyone who made it big in one week has been on his computer for his whole life already!
They have scaled milestones before!.. They will do it again! 

NONE of this stops you from making YOUR first million today!
There is more opportunity on the internet NOW than ever before.

Who said: “the young are so impatient”?

Whoever said that never watched a senior plant a garden.
Coupled with impatience, we will dig up a carrot to “see how it is coming along”.
I GET that!  

Do we have less time for patience? … We want results now too!
Don’t want to waste time thinking about it!

When someone asks my age, and I twinge a little, it’s not because I am older.
It’s because I don’t have the TIME to do everything my heart desires!

DON’T waste time… use it WISELY. 

6. How Can You Be Sure?

Join Wealthy Affiliate online academy and you are SURE to be in capable hands!
Do the training and change your life forever!

A. Do you know how to build a website?… No? … You will learn.
B. Do you know how to write an internet-worthy blog post? You will learn that too.

Every single website needs GOOD BLOGS to grow and maintain its business.

And that business can be anything! 

Richardgb said, “Any website, whatever it is designed to promote, benefits if it includes
a well-written blog.

A website developed without a blog is dependent on marketing through social media and other forms of advertising, normally at a cost.
There’s nothing wrong with that if someone has the capital required.

Think of your blog as an online magazine that can include text, video, and/or podcasts.
It’s like someone owning their own magazine, TV, and radio channel.
Yes, [affiliate academy training] is essential for someone to be able to learn, develop, own, and manage their online business.”

Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me how to write the perfect blog for the perfect website. 
Kind of grandiose to call my website “perfect”… Anything else is a dreamlet! 

Now I am capable of owning and maintaining my own online business!

7. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Evan Lionel Denis
Nov 27/1986 - Apr 28/2013
In loving memory of Evan Lionel Denis!
Nov 27, 1986 to Apr. 28, 2013

Yes, yes, I know…
My nephew,  Evan did it too!

By 2005, as a young teen, he was already dropshipping toys to Disneyland and selling online.

I was his auntie!.. How could I compete with that?

Like truly successful and contented people, he shared his secrets with me.

This was Evan’s advice:

FIRST: Join an online academy to learn how to set up and maintain your own business.

I enrolled with Wealthy Affiliate academy for online business. 
I have learned how to set up my websites and I am securing my financial future!

SECOND: Become an online business owner.
Once you take the training, you will be equipped to run ANY business online.

THIRD: Learn to blog. Every single website has to be presented in the best possible light.

This is probably the most important thing you will learn in order to launch and maintain your business.

Think about this: when you were surfing the net,  what caught your eye?  
Why did you stop to read that post?

Was it funny? Did the title sound cool? Was there a video or photos? … What about the color?

That writer/business owner didn’t know anything about launching a website until he learned how to write about it … and illustrate it with text, images, videos, and grafts!

I joined WA and I am 72 years old!
33-86% of retirees return to the workforce!

You’ve seen this throughout your career…
But now we use the same principles for e-commerce.  

Since 33-86% of retirees go back to work – Read about that in this link – new online business owners learn their craft at an online business academy.

And FOURTH: Evan said, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this! This is for everyone!
No one is ever too old to own a business online!” 

I started my online business a mere 10 months ago!
I am 72 years old!
If I can do this, anyone can do this!

Evan knew that the risk was minimal for me. I would be safe financially!


I Did The Research!

I went online and researched, “the best online businesses for over 50s”. (You can see what I found here)

start a t-shirt printing business
I could offer t-shirt printing, and sell my idea on the internet!

The internet is a wealth of information and showed that anything is possible! 

I could offer t-shirt printing.

OR be an event planner, gardener, house cleaner, or after-school tutor.

I could sell my ideas in the field I worked in for the last 30 years – know why?
… because, NOW, I AM the expert! 

I Narrowed Down What Training I Needed!

Don’t shake your head because we need training.
It’s not because we’re older. Nor is it because we’re behind in technology.

Oh no! It’s much simpler than that… everyone is learning this type of e-commerce.
Every business today must be online sustainable!

Remember looking up that new restaurant you wanted to try?
Would you have tried it if they did not have a website? … Hmmm? 

E-commerce is here to stay… we are just jumping onto the roundabout! 

You are in a perfect position for starting an online business …
… you already have experience in the field you are promoting!

You have the drive now, to speak about your business with authority!
You’ve been doing this for 25 years, or more, already!

It is something you always wanted to do!

I Sat In As A Visitor

all ages and walks of life
Wealthy Affiliate spans all age groups and all walks of life. Members number 2.6 million worldwide!

I visited the Wealthy Affiliate website and sat in for one week for free!

The community is fantastic!
I read members‘ bios, and blogs and joined the chats… I asked questions.

I was impressed with the camaraderie and encouragement from the members.

Members who came from other platforms on the internet were so happy to find Wealthy Affiliate and spoke glowingly of its advantages … that was gratifying!

WA has been rated the most interactive community with 2.6 million members worldwide.
It is a “global village” of sorts, from all ages and all walks of life.

Site Support is fantastic and available 24/7.
They will address you within a few minutes and get you answers at lightning speed! 

To visit the Wealthy Affiliate site, you don’t need to produce a credit card.
(You can visit WA just by clicking the link!)

There is NO pressure; you will join when you are ready to join!
You don’t need to sign a contract when you join; you will leave if you want to leave.

I don’t know why anyone would leave… But that’s just me! 

I JOINED Wealthy Affiliate Academy!

Online training is the same whether you sell your IDEAS or a tangible item!

I joined Wealthy Affiliate online academy because it offered the best value for money.

Wealthy Affiliate appears first on page one of Google for the best online business academies, worldwide! It is rated #1!

For $50.00 a month, I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate!
I can take all the training, and use all the tools available, and site help is there 24/7.

I can sit at my computer all night long if I want to and still be in touch with the community. I can do training, or take an extra class! There’s always someone there!

I Built My Website

Now I have two websites and have written several blogs promoting my business.

In summary: you need to do this!

What To Do … What To Do?

  1. Make a plan
  2. Make up your own mind and decide what business you want to be the owner of.
  3. Do the research
  4. Sit in as a visitor on the Wealthy Affiliate site
  5. Join Wealthy Affiliate!
  6. Follow the training
  7. Spend money wisely and launch your website

I Would Love To Hear From You!

I know that you have questions and ideas and I would love to hear what they are.

If there is any way that I can help you to achieve your goals, I will be happy to do that.

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

Regards, Corinne

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