Retire Comfortably In 9 Easy Steps And Change Your Life Forever!

I retired comfortably in 9 easy steps!
Wake up, wise up…
If I can do this, anyone can!

I decided to retire comfortably in 9 easy steps.
I wised up and started an online business!

It’s like winning the lottery. These 9 steps are to FREE-DOM!

I joined the Wealthy Affiliate online academy and put my skills to work for me. It’s wonderful to be self-sufficient,.. on my terms!

I tackled each challenge along the way… I had many!
But I’m 72! There was no computer science option while I was in school!

If I can do this, anyone can do this and enjoy many years of abundance!
This can be your journey!

Look at yourself and let’s start where you are. That person you see in the mirror…
will grow exponentially!

Enter the new you!

This Is How To Retire Comfortably In 9 Easy Steps!

1. Be Aware Of The Value You Can Contribute

You have reached three-score and fivethat beats the alternative!
Now you’ll see more of your family and grandchildren… spend time with your friends!
… Go golfing!

Ok, so no one asks you for ID anymore!.. They don’t need to ask!.. We look the part!..

You have time,… now that you’re not committed to a JOB!
Hey, you don’t have to save for your retirement anymore!

You can’t park your skills and life’s work just because you retired!
Now is the time to use those skills you have perfected!

You have gained an education that you would not trade for anything!
(I can see you nodding and smiling!)

Your whole-working-life was spent learning.
You have qualifications, experience, and networks that come from your connections …

You KNOW people!

You can use your unique skills to start an online business – by passing on your knowledge!

Sell your ideas!
This can be your legal way to print money!

You CAN do this!
What?.. You’re afraid of failure?.. Pffht!
U did NOT come this far, to only come this far!

“Failure” is the gravel stepping stone, put on your path to success!
(Yes, my next t-shirt message!)

You are a DIAMOND – a rough one!.. But, you can be cut, shined, and polished to brilliance!
Did I tell you how unique you are?

You can DO this!

2. Affiliate Marketing As A Second Income.

I get the picture: you have gone from an abundant mindset to a scarcity mindset.

You thought you would “get by comfortably” on your fixed income…
Now, your mindset is becoming fixed as you feel the restrictions on your finances.

You need more income… Income that you can control and dispose of as you wish.
An ongoing windfall, so you can jet off to faraway places.

This is not as difficult as it might seem.

The internet removes any limitations that affect your income!
There is MORE opportunity online now than ever before!

Ayodeji Awonsika said: “concentrate your time, energy, and attention on the daily actions needed, to turn your intentions into results.” THAT’S worth reading again!

Wishing won’t work…

3. Fax Machine Frenzy!

Are you scared yet? Its a multi-line phone with call display, and hands free microphone! From the 90s!

For heaven’s sake, don’t be afraid of this!
I remember being scared of micro-fiche and fax machines!

Of course, there is training involved in creating and maintaining your online business.
It makes sense because every job I have ever had required a training period.

Not only will this help you in your business, but the technology is totally up to date.

These past 10 months as an online marketer are the most fun I have had in my life!..
Stick around for a fantastic ride!

Take your laptop on that flight to faraway places you were planning on.
And work a few hours a week.

4. Just Keep On Keeping On!

The best side effects in the world, here at Wealthy Affiliate, are:
A. We are keeping up with technology. That way you will not lose the skills you already have.

You will learn how to set up and own your own online business!
The instructions are step-by-step and you learn at your own pace.

Sit at your computer all night long if you want to.
Site Help is available 24/7, and they are amazing!

B. This keeps your mind sharp, provides an interest, and keeps you growing!
I will never be a techno-whiz, but I am becoming a great blogger!

5. Enjoy Every Minute Of It!

WA members number 2.6 million worldwide! They are from EVERYWHERE and all walks of life!

If you thought that Wealthy Affiliate was a geriatric site, well think again!

The community is a global village of sorts!

Members are from around the world and from every walk of life; from every age group… They number 2.6 million people!

Wealthy Affiliate must be doing something right!

The lively community at Wealthy Affiliate will make you jump out of bed in the morning!

I could not wait to log in to my homepage and see everyone there!

I have direct email contact with people from South Africa, England, Portugal, India, the USA, Canada, and Ireland… And the list gets longer all the time!

This makes my life very colorful!.. I love color!

I am amazed at how all these successful people so willingly pass on their knowledge.
Some have done very well in a very short period of time.

Every, single, person, on the internet, has the opportunity to do the same thing!
The internet takes no prisoners! Your 5 billion strong audience awaits … lol!

Kids have become so smart in technology that I often wonder how older teachers
can teach them!

Some have made millions at a young age, but that doesn’t stop me from making my first million now! … Why not? …
Strange things happen when you decide to manage your own future!

Never put your happiness and future in someone else’s hands!

I am taking the risk of becoming successful, instead of doing nothing at all!..
Read that again!

6. Don’t Get Too Relaxed!

For $50.00 a month, you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.
You have access to all the training, boot camp, and Jaaxy – a great keyword tool.

If you are still working, set up your online business now; it will be established when you retire!
You will walk out of the old workplace into your own business!

I don’t think you could start up a brick-and-mortar business for $50.00 a month!
Been there… done that… It was expensive!

Remember: don’t take the advice of the people who decided NOT to pursue their dreams!
You and them… you are not of the same mindset.

Don’t let anyone steal your future!

7. “Try Before You Buy” Coupon!

One of the most important things for me was that I was able to enter the Wealthy Affiliate site as a visitor… The heavy research began!

I did not have to produce a credit card or make any promises… I did not even fill out a survey. (click to take a peek inside WA!)

I read the bios of the members and sat in on the chats and read some of their blogs.
There is no timeline for the visit, so I sat in for a whole week!

It gave me so much energy to rub shoulders with so many successful businesspeople.
They seem to be so productive, and having the best time of their lives being helpful!

I have never heard a discouraging word and it is so important to be surrounded by positivity!
Success is in the air and there is no end to their support and encouragement.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate was voted the most active community, at the most affordable price… AND…

Wealthy Affiliate training is rated #1 in the online marketing industry!

It takes you from a “newbie” to a bonafide online entrepreneur in a very short time.

Just like a warm hug!

8. Online Venture OR, AD-Venture?

If someone had told me about 7 years ago, that I would be writing blogs and having an online business, I would have said: “yes, that sounds like something I would do!”

Now that there is a potential 5 billion people at their computer at any time, online shopping has taken over the world!

As a blogger online, I replace the middle-man, or broker, for brick-and-mortar shopping.

We already know that online SHOPPING is the new industry!
Home delivery for everything is out there, including for your home, your car …
and dinner every night!

That’s here to stay.

If I was going to start something that was up to date and could produce an income, while I worked from home, it would have to be a business that was online sustainable!

AND!! I did not want the responsibility of storing stock or sending out packages…
I wasn’t going to do any of that!

9. You’re The Boss!

As a blogger, you can share your favorite
past-times, skills, or ideas!

As an affiliate marketer, I am a Blogger. I write about things I am passionate about!

As a blogger, you can become an authority on that special skill of yours that you want to market!

I write about my travels and my passion for motorcycle riding.
Read about my favorite past-time here…

By writing about a pastime or experience… and linking to a product or package…
I am the advertiser now!

In those blogs, I can show a link for products that a reader will “click on”.
Typically these are offers or coupons related to the blog.

For example, if I write about my travels to Greece, the link might offer flight packages, dinner discounts, and coupons for local entertainment!

See how easy that was? We’ve all been there… my reader just clicked on the link!

This is affiliate marketing!
This is the second income I was talking about!

I receive a commission for those clicks, at no cost to the purchaser.

Blogging is a great interest as well as being educational, cathartic, and entertaining!

You can blog about your particular skill: are you a consultant?
Do you practice gluten-free diets?
Do you paint houses or landscapes?

Do You KNIT?Raise Chickens? … Carve meat?

I have a niece who is a world-class artist. Giselle has learned to build and manage her own business. Now she knows how to promote her skills on the internet, and she travels the world!
Read about Giselle Denis, fine artist, here… Just click the link!

You don’t need to be a world-class artist to enjoy the benefits of an online business.
You already know what skill you want to pass on… Don’t you!


Who can I help first?.. And to what degree?

I could never promote something that is not truly a winning deal!
I could never talk with authority about something that I did not experience!
And, I could not talk about something that I was not passionate about!

For these reasons, I feel compelled to tell everyone about Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s RECAP these 9 easy steps:

  1. Be aware of your value. You have a lifetime of skills. You are unique
  2. Affiliate marketing is a wonderful second income. This is the retirement income you have been looking for!
  3. Don’t be afraid! Everything has a training period. Everything falls into place!
  4. Keep up with technology; keep your mind sharp! These are wonderful side effects!
  5. The Global Community at Wealthy Affiliate is rated the most active affiliate online academy. Members number 2.6 million people!
  6. $50.00 a month makes you a Premium member! You have access to all the training, and you get a free website! WA will take you from a newbie to an online marketer, very quickly!
  7. “Try before you buy” option. Sit in on the Wealthy Affiliate site as a visitor.
    Meet the community, read bios, and ask questions!
  8. Ad-venture, as a blogger I replace the middleman. Just click the link!
  9. You’re the boss: knowing that you can work to your own schedule and at your own pace is probably the biggest motivator to try this.

Wealthy Affiliate IS THE PRIME EXAMPLE

YOU can live your exciting new life… the one waiting for you in the wings!
YOU can be that business person that you want to meet!

You will have a wonderful online life!
You will learn from and interact with people who are worthy of your energy.

By applying your new knowledge and training, you are doing what you want to do!
In your own time!.. And enjoying a whole new way of life!

I did the research, but you should make up your own mind.

What do you want to do?.. What do you have to lose?


This would make me very happy!

If there is any way that I can help you to attain your goals I will be happy to help
wherever I can.

You must have lots of questions and ideas too. I would love to hear what they are!
Leave a comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Regards, Corinne

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